Transit (of the non-van variety)

Today was my last day in Hong Kong and thus time for me to make my long-winded (but, crucially bargainous) trip to Hanoi, Vietnam. My route was as follows. Over-sized speed boaty-thing to Macau, a tiny island and former Portugese colony, a flight from Macau to Bangkok and then a flight from Bangkok to Hanoi. Total cost: 60 quid – CASHBACK!

The journey was pretty uneventful but had one highlight:

In Bangkok I had about 2 hours to kill which I was not particularly looking forward to but I was saved by someone’s awesome idea: why not put a Thai massage stand in the middle of the terminal 1 corridor! So, for the cost of a Big Mac meal I had a 45 minute head, neck and shoulder masssage! What a way to relax before your flight. Afterwards I was sooo relaxed – so much so that I nearly didn’t hear my flight being called!!!

Once I arrived in Hanoi, I was supposed to be picked up by my hostel’s driver, who didn’t turn up/I didn’t see him so I went outside and picked up another. If you read some of the other blogs on this site about Hanoi taxi drivers you will notice that they often don’t take you where you want to go or, even more sneakily, they take you to a hostel with the same name but with nothing like the reputation. Fortunately, I was wise to this con and when the driver took me to the wrong place – I bitch-slapped his ass (well, i politely told him to take to the right place!)

Once in the correct guest house I went out for a couple of beers and met a couple of english dudes. They were fairly harmless but a little too laddy/brash for me, like they would have been more suited in Magaluf not Hanoi! (I’m so bitchy!)

Pretty unexciting day, I’m sure you will agree!

P.S. I did eventually manage to get a good night shot of Hong Kong Island – it’s a keeper! I’ll sell it to you (only two dolla!! Cheap cheap!)


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