Vietnamese rum and the ‘Glorious Twelth’

Hoi An Day One

I took the bus from Huế to Hoi An and managed to meet the same guys who I had intended on meeting in the demolished hotel in Huế. We had a bit of a laugh about that but mostly we just bitched at the fact that the bus was an hour late!

Bus journey was fairly uneventful but not for the want of trying by the bus driver and his friend. We stopped at a petrol station on the way and the guy just lit up his cigarette!!! Zoolander anyone? Then I nearly got left behind while attempting to make a comfort break at said petrol station. Apparently it’s ok to pick us up an hour late but to wait 1 minute while I relieved myself was unacceptable!!

On arrival in Hoi An, I decided I would stay at the same hotel as Micah and Oliver, two guys from Canada. After checking in, we took a stroll around the town, just to get our bearings. It’s a sleepy little town, full to the brim with tailors, shoe makers and bag makers. In the evening we went to dinner at a lovely seafood restaurant where I had the most gorgeous scallops and shrimps all for about $2 including 3 beers! On the way back we got some bottles of the local rum, some coke and had a little mini-party on some French-Canadian girls’ balcony – things went rapidly downhill from here, as I’m sure you can imagine. Great fun was had but it was to make the next day’s activities a little difficult!

Hoi An Day Two

Our bus to My Son, an area of ancient Cham site, was due to leave at 8am. At 7.55am, Micah comes bursting into my room, waking me from my drunken slumber to let me know I had better shift tout de suite! Quickly grabbed all my stuff and clambered onto the bus a few minutes later. My Son is very impressive, all the buildings were constructed of red brick, seemingly without the use of any form of cement although some believe some sort of tree wax was used.

We took a walk around, desperately trying to appreciate this wonderful site but at the same time struggling with tiredness and hungover lethargy.

The afternoon was spent maxing, relaxing in our air conditioned rooms in an attempt to revive ourselves and enjoy the evening.

Evening came and went very quietly and an early night was had.

Hoi An Day Three

Today was the day, I had decided, that I would get measured for a suit and some shirts from one of the very reasonably priced tailors in town. I went to the flamboyant Mr Xe’s shop in the middle of the town and chose a nice black pin-stripe fabric and a couple of nice casual shirts as well as shirts for suits. Mr Xe had come highly recommended for men’s clothing but I was still crossing my fingers that it would turn out alright! In the evening, I went to one of my favourite cafe/bars so far: The Mango Rooms. The place very much had an Indochinese feel to it with cushions on raised platforms with low tables and decorated with vibrant colours. What I loved the most was that when you arrive they bring you an icy cold damp cloth to use to mop your brow and freshen up: ahhh. This particular evening, I met a cool guy from London called Ben and then a whole load of other people turned up: people Ben had met on the beach that afternoon. We spent the rest of the night drinking until we were chucked out of the Mango Rooms and then headed to another bar and played some very badly coordinated Foosball until the early hours. Ben and I discovered we were getting the same plane to Saigon the next day so arranged to share a taxi to the airport.

Hoi An Day Four morning

Picked up my suit this morning and tried it on. I was incredibly pleased, the suit just fits so snugly and I think it looks really sharp and the shirts are great also. One suit, four shirts, all made to my size = US$100. BARGAIN! I hurried along to the post office and they packed up all my stuff to be sent home. Fingers crossed it makes it!

Me and the party revellers having dinner.
From the left: Micah, Me, Karen, Emily and Oliver.
My Son
Really. Old. Building.
Inappropriate abuse of ancient artifact.
Hmmm…was I still drunk from the previous evening???

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