KL Quickly!

From Siem Reap I flew into Kuala Lumpur, or KL as everyone seems to say.

My friend Laura recommended a great hostel called the Equator which, as promised was cheap, clean and had very friendly staff.

I hadn’t planned to stay very long in KL as time was running out and I wanted to get up to Penang (an Island further north) to both meet Laura and also to met some of my work colleagues from the previous year.

I spent my time in KL seeing all that had attracted me to the city but most notably the world famous Petronas Towers. They really impose on the skyline and also serve as a great way to navigate around the city: orientating my map was nearly always done in relation to where they were compared to my position!

As well as seeing the Petronas Towers, I went up the KL tower, reputedly the third tallest communications tower in the world and took the excellent audio tour around the viewing gallery and made note of the things I would like to see later that day.

Later in the day I went to see Merdeka Square, where Malaysian independence was declared and formerly where the British colonists would play cricket, something which I found very entertaining.

I spent the remainder of my long day of sightseeing wandering around China Town and little India browsing through the markets looking at all the fake watches and pirated DVDs.

The day had been thoroughly knackering but after dinner I made sure to pass by the Petronas Towers once more and take a few of my favourite night-time shots. (I’m so glad I brought my father’s camera tripod!)

I’d had a great time in KL but I couldn’t stay any longer as I had meetings to make up in Penang and I was excited about meeting my friends!

Petronas Towers by day
Merdeka Square
I can just imagine the games of cricket once played here to shouts of “Ruddy good shot!” (in marbley English accent)
Petronas Towers
Petronas Towers by night

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