An Incomplete List: The 14 Stages of my Accenture Career

The following is re-blogged from my internal Accenture blog. Posts from now on will be about the move to Vietnam and what follows…

I’m leaving Accenture on Thursday this week and instead of the all-too-familiar farewell group email, I thought I would embrace my creative side and attempt to document the different stages of my time here…BuzzFeed style.

I hope you enjoy this light-hearted, incomplete look at the ups and downs of my Accenture times. My contact details are included at the end of the post if you would like to stay in touch.

1) You arrive as a fresh-faced Analyst and all you can think about is CHICAGO!


2) You realise you’re actually going to St. Charles

Chicago St Charles

3) You make some great friends in the first two weeks

4) You start your first project and you are super-keen to impress

5) For some, the realisation sets in that you won’t be leading C-Suite execs on the path to Enterprise Nirvana

6) …but that’s OK, because you’re jetting off every week to lots of exotic locations…

Source: ghettost4r/tumblr

7) …even if all that travel can occasionally get the most of you.

 8) You have some amazing #winning moments that make you feel like an important piece of the pie #HPD

9) …and those oh sh*t moments when something breaks and there’s no one around to help

10) You finally get that promotion you’ve been working for

11) Only to realise what the next promotion cycle might involve…

12) Ultimately a change is required, despite the awesome, talented colleagues you have to leave behind.

13) And (in my case), new opportunities await that just can’t be turned down – I’m moving to Vietnam for 2 years:

14) So it’s with sadness and excitement that I send a fond farewell to all of those who I have worked with:

Reluctant Goodbye

Finally, for those who would like to keep in touch, you can find me at the following links:

Twitter (views my own but mostly retweets of things I enjoy)




4 thoughts on “An Incomplete List: The 14 Stages of my Accenture Career

  1. I happened to pass by the Yammer daily activity email dated 21st of May and it was then that your farewell post captured my attention.This is probably one of the most creative farewell notes which I have ever seen!! It was a delight reading!!Wishing you all the best for your future endeavors in Vietnam!!

  2. Great use of animated GIFs, let me know if you ever got a new EMR account set up so I can invite you back into the Accenture alum network. andrew.callan is my enterprise ID if you need to email

    1. Hey Andrew – good to hear from you and thanks, I really enjoyed writing this post!

      I will drop you an email now RE alum network – it would be good to be back in touch with the yammer people.

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