Hanoi Photography

One of the great opportunities of this move was to get the chance to get out and take a lot more photographs in exciting new surroundings. I have developed (pun not intended) a real interest in photography over the last few years but, at home, daily life seemed to get in the way of exploring this hobby so one of my goals has been to take more time over it, improve my skills and hopefully capture some great shots along the way.

By chance I found a great Hanoi-based photography club via Facebook and have had the opportunity to attend once so far and it was great to hang with like-minded people and a great excuse to get out shooting more often. I’m hoping to go more often once my flu / stomach virus has shifted (you don’t want to know).

Anyway, here’s a look at my favourite pics so far and from now on, every time I add a new Vietnam shot on Flickr, it will appear as a post here for you all to (hopefully) enjoy.

Note: If the slideshow is not displayed, it’s likely you’re viewing on a mobile device or don’t have flash. Click on this link to view the images.



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