Tropical Storm Rammasun headed towards Hanoi

Not that I want to worry friends and relatives too much but there’s a Category 1 Tropical Storm (Typhoon a.k.a. Hurricane) headed our way this weekend. Not great timing for us as we have our first guests in the form of newly-weds Kat and George who are spending their honeymoon in Vietnam and are taking the opportunity to stay with us for a couple of days.

Image via Weather Underground Wundermap
via Wunderground

The storm has already wreaked havoc in the Philippines but, thankfully, by the time it reaches Vietnam it is predicted to have calmed down to “only” a Category 1 Tropical Storm. Winds shouldn’t get higher than around 75 mph but, still, we’ll probably have to stay indoors for a bit on Friday night through part of Saturday!

Here’s a recent satellite image from the Philippines:

Rammasun over the Phillippines [via]

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