It’s been a while: making amends – Con Dao

It’s been waaaay to long since I posted so over the next few days, I’m going to attempt to bring my blog back up to date, starting with this post from August (yea…I know) that has been sitting in my drafts for months. I’ll try to post an update each day til I’m more or less back up to date with happenings in Vietnam and elsewhere.

After a long trip back to the UK and Ireland for weddings, wedding planning of our own and visiting (READ: getting drunk with) friends, we decided to take a few days on Con Dao Island to chill out in the sun and a bit of scuba diving.

We flew London -> Saigon -> Con Dao but the flight to Saigon was a little delayed so we had a little bit of a stressy / sweaty connection in Saigon but thankfully we made it on board with a few minutes to spare. Even more pleasingly my baggage arrived with the plane unlike my much tweeted experience flying in the opposite direction a few weeks prior…

Thanks to any twitter followers for putting up with my first world problems!

The flight into Con Dao is pretty spectacular and was best likened by our dive guides as reminiscent of the opening scenes of Jurassic Park 3:

When you fly in by plane…its much like the opening sequence of Jurassic Park 3. By ferry, akin to the revelation of skull Island in King Kong.

This description did not disappoint, save the fact that there weren’t any ‘raptors roaming around the island.

Home for the following few days was Con Dao Sea Cabanas which consisted of a string of triangular beach huts nestled under the trees with glorious views out to the sandy shores.

The view from the beach in front of our cabana

The cabana was simple but clean and comfortable – a perfect way to recover from the 14 hours of travelling from London.

We spent our days relaxing, swimming at various remote beaches and touring around the island on our rented Honda Nouvo’s including teaching Annie the basics of riding a motorbike in a relatively safe environment!

The scenery around the island is amazing and it was great to have the motorbikes to explore the island via its one main road which hugs the coastline most of the way around Con Dao.

Cruising around on our motos

We spent one long afternoon lazing in a gorgeous cove right by one end of the airport runway – the beach was only accessible by taking the motorbike along a sandy and rocky path which really put my amateur motorbike skills to the test. By some luck and from remembering snippets of Ewan McGregor’s “Long Way Down” series, we made it in and out of the beach successfully.

The beach we enjoyed following the tricky sandy path on the bike

On the final evening, I really wanted to check out the other side of island and hopefully catch a good sunset over the rocky hills. Well, Con Dao did not disappoint:

Sunset on Con Son Island

I particularly like this shot with our sandy footprints visible in the photo – lovely.

Sandy footsteps


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