13 Stages of Driving a Motorbike in Vietnam

Yea, this is more or less spot-on…

Travelling on Peanuts

1. Utter confusion

image This isn’t how we do it in [insert home country]. This is madness… I need order!

2. Denial

I’ll never drive here, it’s far too unsafe, I don’t need a bike to get around anyway.

3. Realisation

I need a bike so badly. I’m a social outcast, a hermit, a loser!

4. Complaining

My bike is too heavy/has all these crazy gears/has no mirrors/has no wheels.

5. Acceptance

If that guy can carry a whole dining room set on a 50-year-old electric bike then I can probably drive this half-decent motorbike.

6. Self-Consciousness

Everyone’s looking at me and laughing! I bet they’re thinking ‘stupid foreigner trying to drive in Vietnam’. Oh no, wait, they’re saying ‘stupid foreigner trying to drive down the highway on a flat tyre’. Hmm, fair enough.

7. Independence

Just ignore all these nutters, drive slow and steady on the right side of the…

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